Pasadena Residence/Cursed Items


We were contacted by a local occult shop about some possible cursed items that were dropped off at the shop. The Items seemed to have something dark attached to them.

The owner doesn't currently live in the home, but are looking to renovate the home. In the past one of the owner's relative was living in the home. Over time they began to see some strange behavioral changes in him before he left the home.  


With these items in the home the owners felt very uncomfortable being in the home. The local shop owner took the items to her shop. We then went into the home and did a small investigation to see if we got anymore activity. During this time the EFM in the home was at zero with no movement at all. At first out spirit box session wasn't getting anything either. Then one of our investigators when in through the home with an item he believes removes bad or evil spirits. After that the spirit box was giving many responses that did have some meaning to the people that were present.


After this we went to the shop to check on the items. All the items were registering and EMF of between 0.5-0.7 on the meter. One of our investigators sat in the chair to do a spirit box session and wasn't getting anything at first. Then he realized that his device was outside of the salt circle. Once he brought it up inside the circle we started getting responses.  


The items have now been moved to a storage facility and safely locked away.