Yorktown Memorial Hospital


Personal Experience - While in the basement one of our investigators was using their EMF detector. At one point the readings was zero, then there was a spike to around 20.7 and then it went back down to zero. Then the investigator moved forward a few steps to catch up with the rest of the group and the EMF detector spiked again to around 15.4 then went back down to zero again. Then a few more steps forward there was another spike to around 10.2.


Personal Experience - While on the initial tour of the hospital's second floor, the group noticed that all of the doors were open. Later in the night a couple of the investigators were walking the second floor and noticed that one of the doors was closed. The investigators discussed if they were sure all the opens were open or not. They believe they were, but can't prove it at this time. We do have some night vision footage we are trying to clean up to see for sure if the door was open or not early in the night.


Personal Experience - Inside the chapel there are 3 confessional booths. Our investigators took two of the booths to simulate a confession. Inside the remaining booth a light up motion ball was placed. During their time in the booths the ball in the third booth was continuously lighting up to show that something was in there also. We did have a camera placed filming the investigators, but the third booth was not in the angle of the camera.

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